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Climate Charts

We've started a new site! At you'll find:

We've taken a massive amount of tabular climate data for more than 10,000 locations and turned it into charts.

The charts make it easy to see:

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USA Climate Charts

Interactive Climate Map

Global Climate Charts

7937 USA locations. Most show precipitation, high and low temperatures, and degree-days. Global charts displayed with a pan-and-zoom Google Map. Takes a few seconds to load. 4305 global locations. Most show precipitation, many show high and low temperatures, some also have humidity.

About Climate

Put simply, climate is the average of weather over many years. See Wikipedia for a good overview. I also recommend the Köppen climate classification Wikipedia topic, which emphasizes how climate affects vegetation. and thus agriculture and human culture.

Climate Links

These focus on charts and maps displaying good climate information.

Global Warming

As thirty year averages, these charts don't say anything about global warming. You would need to compare these temperatures to some other earlier or later period to see a trend. See Wikipedia for a good overview of this topic.

General Info

We are adding to our collection of charts frequently. Check back soon for more charts, or suggest a chart.

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