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Global Climate

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Average weather charts for 4305 global locations. Most show precipitation, many show high and low temperatures, some also have humidity.

The charts make it easy to see how climate for a particular location changes over the year, and how climate varies between locations.

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The Charts

All of the charts have the same scales, which makes it easy to compare different stations. The scales fit the extremes of the data, although the temperatures and precipitation may sneak off the top or bottom of the range for a few stations.

The latitude, longitude, and elevation of each location (where available) are also shown at the top of the chart, along with the station ID.

The month columns are spaced according to the number of days in the month, although that is hard to see.

Seasons are are labeled and shown with a tinted background. Seasons for the southern hemisphere are reversed from the northern hemisphere - i.e., when it is winter in Europe it is summer in Australia.

All of the values are monthly averages. For precipitation this means the average total monthly rainfall & snowfall.

Annual averages are shown by the color-coded triangles on the sides of the charts.

The Data

All of the data is from NOAA Global Climate Normals 1961-1990. These come from 4305 weather stations all over the world. Temperature, precipitation, and humidity are shown, although not all stations have all those categories. High and low temperature and humidity are shown with red and blue lines, respectively. Average temperature (shown when highs and lows are not available) is green. Average humidity is brown. Precipitation is in green, snowfall in white.

Data Geeks: see below

For Data Geeks

I make the charts with a series of hand-written software tools. I embed the NOAA data in PostScript language files, then use ImageMagick to create the .png images shown here. Some JavaScript enables the location menu function.


Please let me know if you have any problems, questions, comments, or suggestions.

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